The Animal and Veterinary research Centre (CECAV) was established in 2001 as the result of a reorganization process of the former research Centre (ICETA) of the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD).

At the present stage, CECAV is organized in three research groups - Animal Production, Clinical Sciences and Pathology, and Food Quality/Safety and Public Health.

CECAV currently integrates 39 PhD members from the Departments of Animal Production and Veterinary Sciences from UTAD and the Polytechnic Institute-Agrarian School of Bragança. In addition, it also embraces, as Collaborators, 29 researchers (PhD and MSc) belonging to different Institutions.

According to its administrative organization, CECAV is structured in a Directive Board which is constituted by a Director, one Deputy Director and two Vice-Directors, and a Scientific Council including all integrated members.

According to FCT’s regulation for the multi-year funding program for R&D Units, CECAV is counseled by a Scientific Advisory Committee that incorporates two renowned personalities external to CECAV and UTAD: Professor John Edwards (Texas A&M University) and Professor Peter Robinson (University of California, Davis). This Committee is responsible for the analysis of the unit’s performance.

The research activity of CECAV is mostly conducted at UTAD facilities. Besides using different laboratories of the Animal Production and Veterinary Sciences Departments (histology and histopathology, animal cell culture, clinical pathology, microbiology and parasitology, animal nutrition, animal physiology, meat hygiene and technology), research is also developed in animal facilities prepared for nutrition and production studies, animal surgery rooms, controlled environment rooms for farm animals and an experimental abattoir. Furthermore, biochemistry, instrumental and phytochemical laboratories of the Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences, or the Agronomy Departments may also be used by CECAV researchers. Occasionally, part of the research activity is developed outside the UTAD, in national and international Centers, enhancing the cooperation and establishing of network research.

The general management and financial control of the Centre is under the supervision of the Directive Board but is carried out by the administrative and financial structures of the host institution.





The Veterinary and Animal Research Centre (is hosted by the University of Trás-os

Montes and Alto Douro (Vila Real) and conducts basic and applied research in veteri

nary and animal science aiming to generate new knowledge in animal health and pro

duction. The research emphasizes the achievement of high levels of efficiency in lives

tock production without compromising animal health and welfare, product quality and

safety  and  the  surrounding  environment.  Additionally,  CECAV  develops  research  in

small animal models for cancer behavior and fertility. Increasing attention is also being

given to wildlife management. These aims will be achieved through scientific projects

that integrate the disciplinary knowledge of its members and that of researchers from

other  national  and  international  Centres  working  in  cooperation  with  CECAV  so  that

high quality scientific work can be developed.

The knowledge obtained will be diffused through international peer reviewed journals,

conferences, seminars and other scientific activities. It will be also used for counseling

of authorities, private companies and animal producers. The expertise of our scientists

is mainly applied in graduated and post-graduated education in animal and veterinary

sciences and in quality and safety of animal food products.


Mission and


Research Groups

Alfredo Jorge Costa Teixeira | Ana Sofia Gonçalves Santos | António Mário Domingues Silvestre | Arnaldo Alves Dias da Silva |Cristina Vitória de Miranda Guedes | Divanildo Outor Monteiro | Jorge António Colaço | Jorge Manuel Teixeira de Azevedo | José Luís Teixeira de Abreu Medeiros Mourão | Luis Miguel Mendes Ferreira | Miguel António Machado Rodrigues | Severiano José Cruz da Rocha e Silva |Victor Manuel de Carvalho Pinheiro


Directs its research activities towards the area of sustainable  animal  production  systems  with  impact  in  the  agroecosystems  and  its biodiversity, acting in the field of breeding

 and management, in animal nutrition in  intensive  and  extensive  production  systems  and  in  animal  behaviour  and wellbeing, and also in methods for predicting body composition.





Animal Production


Alexandra Sofia Miguens Fidalgo Esteves | Ana Cláudia Correia Coelho | Francisco José de Vasconcelos Leite de Vieira e Brito | Jorge de Almeida Rodrigues | José António de Oliveira e Silva | Luís Avelino da Silva Coutinho Patarata | Maria da Conceição Medeiros de Castro Fontes | Maria José Felix Saavedra | Maria Madalena Vieira Pinto | Maria Manuela Vara De Campos Rodrigues | Nuno Alexandre Medeiros Silva | Patrícia Alexandra Curado Quintas Dinis Poeta



 The group is making an effort to strengthen  internal  synergies,  as  to  increase  the  number  of  young  researchers. However, the transition process must be gradual, and several on-going

studies will still be considered.

The  main  research  objectives  of  the  Food  Quality/Safety  and  Public  Health group are to develop research in the area of zoonoses with impact in public health, and in food-borne pathogens through the food chain, along with the development of strategies to guarantee the safety of foods, including the accomplishment of sensory, technological and commercial traits.





Food Quality/Safety and Public Health

Adelina Maria Gaspar Gama | Ana Celeste Andrade Martins de Carvalho Bessa | Ana Margarida Calado | Anabela Gouveia Antunes Alves | Aura Antunes Colaço | Fernanda Aurora Gomes de Seixas Travassos |Isabel Cristina Ribeiro Pires | Isabel O’Neill de Mascarenhas Gaivão | Justina Maria Prada Oliveira  | Maria de Lurdes Ribeiro Pinto | Maria dos Anjos Clemente Pires | Paula Cristina Avelar Rodrigues | Romeu António Videira | Rita Maria Payan Martins Pinto Carreira


Integrates a group of multidisciplinary researchers covering a wide range of topics under the common field of animal diseases,  while  coping  with  the  objectives  traced  in  the  societal  challenges

under  H2020  program.  The  mission  for  this  Group  is  mainly  to  understand  how to better improve livestock and companion-animals health, as well as to identify the major causes for disease and predisposing factors, to gain a better understanding of the physiopathological process, which would allow to expand  the  diagnostic  capacity  and  disease  treatments,  but  also  contribute  to enhance food security acting at pre-harvesting.





Clinical Sciences and Pathology



CECAV Annual Reports

2013 annual report (format:PDF; size:18.5MB)

2014 annual report (format:PDF; size:3.3MB)

2015 annual report (format:PDF; size:403KB)

2016 annual report (format:PDF; size:211KB)

2017 annual report (format:PDF; size:256KB)

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Agro Industry by-products valorization

Its utilization in animal feeding

12th and 13th | October |2012




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